Apprentices Can Make A Positive Impact

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Jan 4, 2019

From time to time, every workplace has its fair share of ups and downs, in both a professional and personal sense. Companies experiencing difficulties will look high and low for a solution, but, believe it or not, many business owners have seen a vast improvement by taking on an apprentice.

Apprentices have been an ever-present and valuable part of the business world for many, many years. Apprenticeships are hugely beneficial for young people looking to embark on a new career or current employees who want to retrain, but hiring an apprentice has also demonstrated a positive impact on the workplace environment and output of businesses.

In this post, we’ll take a look at a few of the ways an apprentice can be helpful for issues that HR departments deal with on a daily basis.

Employee morale

No matter how skilled and knowledgeable your employees are, morale will always play a vital role in how motivated and successful they are. The introduction of a new face and personality around the office can be an ideal way to boost morale, which is especially beneficial for groups of employees experiencing a lull, lack of motivation, or even feeling bored due to being stuck in a familiar routine.

Morale is among the most crucial aspects of HR, as job satisfaction and employee well-being are cornerstones of the modern business world. While it’s safe to say that there’s no such thing as a quick fix for workplace morale, seeking out new and creative ways to improve the mood and attitude of your employees should always be a priority. For some, this comes in the form of taking on an apprentice.


The output, efficiency and potential for long-term success all require productivity and, therefore, a lack of it can cause severe problems for a business. Many things affect the productivity of employees, both good and bad, and it just so happens that many companies have enjoyed a productivity boost following their decision to bring an apprentice into the fold.

A 2017 survey in the UK revealed that 75% of small businesses that hired an apprentice reported an increase in productivity. While such a statistic may come as a surprise to some, when you consider how infectious an apprentice’s enthusiasm and eagerness to learn can be, it makes sense why so many companies saw such positive results.

Promotion and mentoring

By taking on an apprentice, you not only provide a young person with the chance to take their first step on the career ladder, but for your current employees, it gives them the opportunity to move up the ladder. Promoting employees is a fantastic way to demonstrate your faith in them and recognise their hard work, which, naturally, will improve morale and give other employees the motivation to succeed.

An apprentice will learn a great deal of the skills and knowledge they need during various training programmes, but it’s often the on-the-job insight and advice of established professionals that helps them the most. You see, an apprenticeship is a brilliant learning experience for all of your employees, as spending some time as a mentor, no matter how brief, is an ideal way to prepare them for senior positions later in their career.

Finding the perfect apprentice

HR is an asset for many reasons, but one of the critical things HR specialists bring to the table is the ability to seek out new employees who can genuinely improve a company. Taking on an apprentice differs from hiring an employee as it requires more in the way of funding, training and recruitment. The latter is especially important, because it’s vital to find the perfect candidate to suit the needs and goals of your business.

To make the most of all of the resources at your disposal, your HR specialists will need to collaborate with a training provider that specialises in the recruitment, training and assessment of apprentices. This not only means that you have the best chance of finding a suitable apprentice, but it also allows you to create a well-structured and industry-specific training programme.