Are You Meeting Expectations Yourself?

Mar 27, 2017

You only need a simple, three point scale to evaluate job applicants as well as the performance of your present employees:

  1. “Will not meet expectations” or “Is not meeting expectations”
  2. “Will meet expectations” or “Is meeting expectations”
  3. “Will exceed expectations” or “Is exceeding expectations”

Before you can do this though, you need a clear understanding of exactly what the expectations are. During the hiring process, how are you going to discover if the applicant can meet those expectations? What questions will you ask? Can you test for skills, knowledge, attitudes? How will you know that your findings are correct?

Once hired, how will you make sure every employee knows what exactly is expected and what behaviors will help them exceed expectations?

First, though, you need to hold yourself accountable for making all this happen. If you don’t, you are not meeting or exceeding expectations.

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