Beyond Cash: Identifying the Right Incentives to Attract Candidates

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Aug 27, 2021

“What if you posted a job and nobody wanted it?”

That’s the question that HR consultant Mary Faulkner recently posited on TLNT’s sister site, In her article, “Money Talks, But Will It Be Enough?: Which Incentives Work Best to Lure Job-Seekers?” Mary writes:

“The demand for skilled candidates is through the roof right now, and companies are trying to come up with creative ways to woo their favorites. From sign-on bonuses to childcare coverage and tuition reimbursement to even paying people $50 to show up for an interview, employers are using any means necessary.

If you’re in this position, you may be tempted to show all your cards at the very beginning. After all, if you can’t get job-seekers’ attention, you can’t hire them. But is that enough?”

In other words, which incentives would work best for your organization to attract candidates? And what are the pros and cons of offering short-term hiring incentives vs a more comprehensive total compensation approach?

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