Coming This May From TLNT: The High Performance Workforce Summit

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Jan 23, 2014
This article is part of a series called ERE Media Conferences.

Sure, building a High Performance Workforce will drive strong business results. But doing it in today’s radically evolved work environment is more challenging than ever.

That’s why TLNT is launching a new event sharply focused on what TLNT is all about — getting business results through talent.

We’re proud to announce our first High Performance Workforce Summit, to be held May 28-29 at the Atlanta Marriott Marquis in downtown Atlanta, Georgia. The TLNT team has spent many months developing a smart program and finding great speakers, and I know that this is going to be an incredible event you will not want to miss.

What the High Performance Workforce Summit is about

Here’s what we say on the conference website:

Highly successful companies focus on winning, not just ‘staying competitive.’ Building a High Performance Workforce is a winning formula, but tough to do in today’s radically evolved work environment.

This conference is for you if… You believe that business results count, and the rest is detail. You’re committed to building a High Performance Workforce because you know it will generate strong business results. You want to accelerate your path to great results.”

I’m sure that many of you will ask, “why should I attend this conference? What makes this one different than all the other ones out there?”

There are a lot of good reasons, but two jump out  — the scope of the content and the incredible lineup of speakers.

Great content on a hugely important topic

First, we’re covering the High Performance Workforce topic in a way that’s not being done by any other conference,

We started with a business-driven definition of High Performance Workforce: Collective talent that consistently produces outstanding outcomes at the right cost.

We then painstakingly crafted our conference program around a framework for how you can build that definition of a High Performance Workforce. Check out more details on the conference website, but broadly speaking, the framework has three key components:

  • Assembling the Right Combination of TALENT, with sessions on things like State-of-the-Art Workforce Planning; How Large-Scale Training Done Right Can be a Powerful Lever for Driving Performance; and, How We Got Rid of Our Performance Appraisal System – and Improved Workforce Performance.
  • Establishing Performance-Enhancing INFRASTRUCTURE, including Activating Middle Managers as Agents of Workforce Transformation; and, Rethinking Organization Structure and Work Processes: New Design Principles to Drive Workforce Flexibility.
  • Earning Unwavering ENGAGEMENT, with sessions like Turning Human Capital Upside Down: A Surprising New Paradigm for Engaging Workers; and Zeroing-In on Your Top 1% of Key Roles to Build Disproportionate Shareholder Value.

Plus, there will be sessions on the BIG PICTURE part of building a High Performance Workforce, with presentations about The Radically Changed Work Environment: Implications for Building a High Performance Workforce;  Critical Factors for Driving Workforce Performance and Financial Results; and The Winners Circle: FORTUNE Best Companies to Work For® Leaders Share Practical Advice for Building a High Performance Workforce.

Not only are the great topics that will be covered well worth hearing, but the presenters and speakers are top-drawer HR and executive leaders who will tell you how they built. manage, and leverage their own high performance workforces — the kind of  speakers you rarely hear from, even at what are supposed to be HR-oriented events!

You’ll hear from an all-star lineup of HR leadership

That’s what makes TLNT’s High Performance Workforce Summit so different. Not only is it about a subject that is incredibly important to you and your organization — building a High Performance Workforce — but you will hear from an all-star lineup of business leaders about how they are doing it at their own high performing organizations.

I’m talking about speakers like this, to name just a few:

  • Diane Gherson, Senior Vice President, Human Resources, at IBM, and the person responsible for IBM’s global human resource practices, policies and operations;
  • Mark Chancy, President of Wholesale Banking, SunTrust Banks;
  • David Deacon, Chief Talent Officer, MasterCard;
  • Kevin Wilde,Vice President of Organizational Effectiveness and Chief Learning Officer, General Mills; and,
  • Beth Taska, Executive Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer, 24 Hour Fitness.

I can’t list them all here, of course, but this should give you a sense of the executives you’ll hear at the High Performance Workforce Summit — top-notch HR leadership talent you won’t find at any other event. Click here to see a more complete speaker list.

Who should attend this conference?

The High Performance Workforce Summit is designed for HR leaders — Directors/VPs/CHROs — who believe that business results count, and, for those who are committed to building a High Performance Workforce because they know it will help accelerate them — and their organization — to great business results.

BUT … don’t attend this conference if you’re looking to tinker with your compensation plans, benefit plans, training curriculum, performance appraisal forms, recruiting messages, or any other element of your HR program. Tinkering with those can be important, but if that’s your focus, you’re better off attending one of the hundreds of other HR conferences to learn how.

Take a look at the High Performance Workforce Summit website and see if you don’t agree that this is remarkably unique event. And if you think you might want to attend, you need to move quickly because the early bird discount that gets you the very best conference rate is only available through March 14.

If you like TLNT, I know you’ll love this event, too.

And if you decide to go, please let me know so we can say hello May 28-29 in Atlanta. I guarantee that it will be well worth your while to attend.
This article is part of a series called ERE Media Conferences.