Don’t Be Ashamed to Sleep At Work

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Jan 22, 2020
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In today’s DisruptHR video, Matt Adam takes the stage to speak in praise of sleeping on the job.

In next week’s DisruptHR presentation, he speaks about his experience seeking a new job.

We’re joking, but as you’ll hear him explain, at most organizations, napping at work is an offense and could get you fired. Yet, “Smart companies are starting to figure out there are real benefits to napping,” Adam tells his DisruptHR Cincinnati, observing that “40% of people are sleep deprived.” Google, with nap pods scattered throughout its campuses, encourages people to get the rest they need, he says.

“Those who nap during the day are more productive. They learn quicker and they’re less of a jerk.” He made up the jerk part, “but it’s probably true,” he quipped.

Chief talent strategist at NAS Recruitment Innovation, Adam speaks from personal knowledge.”A 16 minute power nap is exactly what I need to get me going.”

We don’t know if his presentation convinced any of the HR professionals in the audience to propose napping at work. But for Adam, his mission is to “destigmatize the nap. To allow people to adhere to their biological need to get some rest during the day and not shame them or be ashamed of them.”

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This article is part of a series called Videos.