Don’t Let an Earthquake Get in the Way of Recognizing Employees

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Sep 23, 2014

I live about two hours from California’s Napa Valley. When people hear that they tell me they’re jealous and ask how often I go wine tasting.

Umm … once?

ONCE? In two years, you’ve only been once? But you’re so close, why not go more often?

To which I reply, “That’s a very good question.” So I had to think about it.

Putting it off until next month

Why have I only been once? Because, quite honestly, I know it’s there, it’s so close to me, I can go any time I want, so I’ll go next weekend. Or next month.

OK, I’ll aim for January, but then Napa was hit with a 6.1 earthquake and I was rocked to my core. What happens if Napa Valley has another earthquake and falls into the ocean and I lived so close and never went and now barrels of really delicious wine is lost to me forever?

Are you maybe a little bit like this with your superstar employee?

You know they did a great job on the project this month. And the project last month. You can always count on them  to do a good job.

Don’t keep waiting until best time

But you forgot to recognize them last month, and this month, you don’t really have the time.

But, they’re gonna be around next week, so I’ll recognize them then. Or next month. Or, I’ll aim for January….

This was originally publish on the Recognize This! blog

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