Get Ready for TLNT’s First Webinar – With the Authors of ‘Fake Work’

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Jan 11, 2011
This article is part of a series about Webinars.

TLNT readers are familiar with the book “Fake Work  – Why People Are Working Harder Than Ever But Accomplishing Less, and How to Fix the Problem,” from the excerpts of the book that have been published here.

Authors Brent D. Peterson and Gaylan W. Nielson really know the difficulties managers and HR professionals face when they write:

Managers live in a difficult place: They are often caught between their bosses and their work teams, so they have demands above and below them. Not only are they caught, but they are being pulled in many directions.”

This intimate knowledge of workplace culture, and the many issues that create “fake work” in so many organizations, is what makes “Fake Work” authors Peterson and Nielson the perfect choice to be featured in TLNT’s very first webinar tomorrow (January 12) at 2 pm EST/11 am PST.

The “Fake Work” culture — and Peterson and Nielson give 12 management factors that can cause that here — can cause serious problems for an organization, but they also discuss how managers and HR can remove the barriers that can get in the way of real and valuable work.

Here’s how they describe it in the book:

As a manager, you must do everything possible to remove barriers that separate people from the real work they need to do. You can easily keep people busy, but you must keep the road clear for real and valuable work.

The workplace is a minefield — loaded with interruptions, setbacks, policies, processes, and procedures — but managers must work to clear all of those barriers that don’t support real work…

Make sure you are setting up ways to follow up, check in, and monitor work without being unduly intrusive. The best way to do that is to hold employees accountable and expect them to measure and to report on their progress. How do you set your team up to monitor its own success?”

In the webinar,“Fake Work” authors Peterson and Nielson’s practical approach will provide participants a look at work in a new way providing building blocks of strategy, alignment and execution. They will also help participants focus on what brings people together to do real work – productivity, alignment and performance. In addition, Brent and Gaylan will focus on the causes of Fake “Work” and the paths to Real “Work,” aligning individuals and teams to execute on organizational strategy.

You can get more information on the webinar and sign up for it here, but the hour-long webinar will surely help to focus your thinking on workplace culture and how to create the best environment for people to produce great work rather than “Fake Work.”

As Peterson and Nielson put it so well:

Organizations must rethink how they both weather a challenging economy and get their employees on board. The best answer is to help all employees align with the organization and become valued and valuable. Imagine the gains an organization could make by increasing employee focus and performance by 10 to 20 percent?”

You’ll get great insight into all of that tomorrow at 2 pm Eastern/11 am Pacific, so sign up for this free webinar here.

This article is part of a series about Webinars.