Guess Who Wastes Time at Work

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Apr 13, 2017

I’m not a big fan of over-generalizing the characteristics of the different generations in the workforce. It’s just too easy to say “Millennials are entitled;” “Baby Boomers aren’t good with social media;” or “Gen Xers are lazy.” Too easy, and not at all true. Any of it.

So I read with some interest the results of a survey about the work habits of the generations that Paychex published last summer. There are some interesting takeaways about who wastes time at work – and in what industries, geographic location, organizational role, exempt status and education level – in addition to the obligatory age demographic comparison. It’s interesting food for thought.

Here’s one of the comparison graphics: This one compares time wasted at work by role, exempt status, and education.

Other comparisons include

  • Industries that waste the most and least time surfing the Internet.
  • Regions that waste the most time surfing the Internet at work.
  • Most common time-waste reducers.
  • Comparing generational work habits.
  • Hardest working generations, industries, and education levels.
  • Hardest working regions in the U.S.

If you have a sense that you’ve got a time-wasting problem in your organization, this information could be helpful as you work on a solution. If you’re interested in how the generations stack up in the “who works hardest” rodeo, you’ll definitely find this interesting.

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