Here’s What You Need to Know About Filing Your EEO-1

Sep 23, 2016

Companies required to file EEO-1s have only a week left until the September 30th deadline.

For companies that have been filing by electronically, there is a new development. The Joint Reporting Committee (JRC) announced earlier this summer the file must be uploaded directly to the production database rather than emailing the file to them. This was supposed to reduce the time companies have to wait for confirmation the data is uploaded to the site. So far, the site is delivering as promised. The upload files that Berkshire has submitted on behalf of our clients have been on the site immediately.

It should also keep the data more secure than sending it by email and will resolve file size limitations that have been a problem for some companies in the past. Here are a few items to note about this new process:

  • The data specifications and format are supposed to be the same as used for 2015.
  • Detailed instructions and fact sheets are available for this new process.
  • Users are required to test the electronic file before uploading it. After logging in, the user will click on a link to upload the file. There will be several questions to answer before the file(s) can be tested. Errors must be resolved and the file(s) retested before the site will allow the user to continue uploading the file. Users may continue if the results of the test are only “Warnings.”

Below is other helpful information about the 2016 cycle:

  • The period for filing 2015 reports has closed, no data entry will be allowed for any year except 2016.
  • A company’s login remains the same, but the password is reset each year. The passwords for 2015 are no longer valid. You will be able to go to the EEO-1 website, log in, and use their process to obtain the new password.
  • If the company contact person has changed from last year’s filing, you must notify the EEOC in writing on company letterhead before you will be able to file. Send the letter to this email address — Provide the company name, company number, contact person’s name, and email address.
  • If you are filing for the first time in 2016, the website will have a link to register your company.
  • Companies who have experienced a merger/acquisition or spin-off/sale must notify the EEO-1 Survey Team before filing. Follow the instructions on the EEO-1 website’s main page. It is critical you do this as soon as possible to avoid delays and possible errors.
  • To request an extension to file your EEO-1 report after the September 30, 2016, deadline, you should email the request to EXTENSIONS@EEOC.GOV. The site announcement indicates a one-time 30-day extension will be granted after an email request. It also reminds users that extension requests will not be granted after October 30.
  • All communications with the EEO-1 site should include your company number.
  • If the number of locations filed for 2016 is reduced by 25% or more from the previous year, the test function will require you to contact the EEO-1 upload desk before proceeding.
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