Here’s Why You Should Sign-Up For the New TLNT Daily Newsletter

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Apr 6, 2011
This article is part of a series called Letter From the Editor.

Dear TLNT reader,

Thanks so much for being here and spending time with the great content we have at TLNT.

I’m sure you have found that the timely news, trends, insight and analysis about talent management, HR, and managing a workforce helps to not only keep you up to date, but also gives you information you can use in your life and career.

Your loyalty and readership is greatly appreciated, but today I want to let you know about something that will make it easier to keep plugged into all that we have every day here at TLNT.

Sign-up now for our new TLNT Daily Newsletter

It’s our new TLNT Daily Newsletter, and it can bring TLNT right into your e-mail where you can easily access it.

Here’s why I think you’ll like it: the new TLNT Daily Newsletter has a clean, easy-to-follow look to it. Information is highlighted nicely, plus, we’ve added links to the previous week’s newsletters, and a list of the writers and contributors. There’s also more photos and artwork, so it is visually interesting as well.

Best of all, it will give you links to all the latest stories and information posted here at TLNT. By signing up for it, you will guarantee that you get a daily breakdown of all the great new content that’s available — and, you will have easy-to-find links back to previous newsletters if you happened to miss a day for some reason. Plus, it’s free.

If you are a fan of TLNT and find the content useful, the TLNT Daily Newsletter is a way to make sure you won’t miss any of it, ever.

I think you’ll love it — and I want to know if you don’t. But, there is something you need to do.

How to sign up for the newsletter

You will need to sign-up for the TLNT Daily Newsletter in order to get it. This is an easy process. Simply go to and put your e-mail address in the “Subscribe to TLNT” box on the top right-hand corner of the page.

The sign-up process should take only a few minutes. We will be asking for a little information, but that’s so we can better understand who you are and how to better target our great content to your needs. Plus, it will help us with the information we need to put together webcasts and future events that speak to your interests, experience, and background.

Once you sign up, the TLNT Daily Newsletter will drop into your e-mail every weekday and quickly plug you into great information you really need to know about.

And one more thing: If you are one of those readers who has been getting our current newsletter — and thank you so much if you do — it’s important you sign up for the new TLNT Daily Newsletter because the one you are currently getting will go away a few weeks from now. There will be some overlap period, but our goal is to get current newsletter subscribers moved over to the new newsletter as soon as possible.

Why TLNT matters

I probably don’t need to sell you on this, but as you probably know, TLNT is not just another HR or human capital website. It’s about “The Business of HR,” with news, insight, and topical information from experts and thought leaders in HR, talent management, and all areas related to HR and managing a workforce.

Readers tell me what they love about TLNT is the wide variety of voices and topics, including coverage of legal issues, compensation and benefits, HR technology and software, training and development, and HR management.

That’s why I think you’ll love the TLNT Daily Newsletter, so sign up today so you can get it dropping into your e-mail tomorrow.

I’d also like you to feel free to comment on TLNT articles and add your voice to the lively debate. In addition, you can send me questions, suggestions, or stories you might have about HR and talent management because frequently, some of the best insights and perspectives come directly from TLNT readers.

Please let me know what you think. You can send me an e-mail directly at (link is below). And thanks again for spending time with all we have to offer at TLNT.


John Hollon, Vice President for Editorial and Editor,

PS –Do you have a friend, colleague, or co-worker who might also enjoy the great information here at TLNT? If so, you might want to forward this to them and suggest that they sign up for the free TLNT newsletter, too.

This article is part of a series called Letter From the Editor.