Hiring Wisdom: How Great Managers Deal With Boredom and Burnout

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Oct 13, 2014

In one of his blogs, Seth Godin talks about the Levy Law which describes the way animals forage for food and how that law applies to the Internet.

The more I think about the Levy Law, the more I see how it applies to the world of work.

The Law says that forging animals work an area and then, once food gets scarce, they move on to another area, work that area, and move on again.

I see myself doing this on the web. I find a website or blog and visit it for several weeks. Then I notice that it starts to repeat itself, so I move on to look for new nuggets of wisdom elsewhere.

How great managers ward off burnout

Extrapolating to the world of work, how many of your STAR employees get bored at work?

While they may not move on physically, they may move on mentally. They are doing the job, but doing it by rote, no real passion, just activity.

Great managers find ways to routinely add new dimensions and/or challenges to the tasks at hand to ward off boredom and burnout and keep passions alive.

This was originally published on Mel Kleiman’s Humetrics blog.