How to Shop For Talent During the Holidays

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Nov 14, 2016

A great time to look for the employees who could help you build your business next year is when you’re doing your holiday shopping this year because…

  1. When you get outstanding service during the hectic holiday hustle, the person who helped you has already passed the customer service/positive attitude screening tests.
  2. One of the #1 New Year’s resolutions made by working people every year is to find a new job. If you give promising people your business card, there is a good chance they might come your way.
  3. Many of the store employees you’ll encounter are only working part-time to earn some extra money. Many won’t want a full-time job year round, but, if need be, you could collect names and contact info for when you have part-time, temporary openings.

When you approach someone you think you might like to hire, I would suggest you say you are looking for someone with the kind of customer service attitude they have and that, if they know someone else with an attitude like theirs, would they please have them call you. (You might even offer them a recruiting bonus if they give you their own name and number and tell the person they tell about the job to mention who asked them to call you.)

A SIDE NOTE: Also, make sure the great employees you have right now are happy so they won’t be looking for a new job in 2017.

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