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Jan 14, 2015

Fast-growing, successful businesses realize the importance of a positive brand image. It acts as a first impression to consumers, key stakeholders and more importantly, potential employees.

In fact, a recent survey by CareerBuilder found that 91 percent of candidates believe employment brand plays a key role in their decision whether or not to apply.

Showcasing your unique company brand to job candidates is easily done when you can give them a tour of the office space and introduce them to employees. Featuring your brand in a virtual environment, on the other hand, is a bit trickier.

Here are five (5) ways to successfully position your company brand to candidates in a video interview:

1. Introduce your brand

If you’re conducting a two-way interview, this step is easy.

Kickoff the interview by first giving the candidate a brief overview of the company, including its history, culture, job description and anything else related to your employer brand. An interview is a two-way street — the interviewee isn’t the only one being judged during an interview!

In the case of a one-way interview, consider creating an introductory video. Some video interviewing platforms allow you to record a short video, to be shown to candidates, before they begin the interview. Keep it short and sweet, enough to inform and excite candidates.

2. Ask the right questions

The actual questions you ask candidates in an interview can be a great indicator of a suitable employer brand.

Strictly asking generic interview questions, to gain insight on a candidate, does little for the candidate’s perception of your brand. In addition to asking the necessary questions, consider changing it up a bit and asking a few unique or fun questions to further attract candidates.

Questions should be tailored to your specific company brand and culture.

For example, Denver-based telecommunications company FluentStream Technologies has asked, “If you were given a broom and asked to mop the floor, what would you do?” The question is designed to address problem solving skills and out-of-the-box thinking.

They also ask customer service candidates, “From start to finish, explain how to make a smoothie.” While that question may seem random, it demonstrates how well candidates can walk someone through a process — a skill essential to a customer service role. These questions, while quirky, can tell interviewers a lot about a candidate while also reflecting well on the employer brand.

3. Brand the experience

Depending on the platform you use to conduct video interviews, you can tailor the interview experience to feature your brand.

Some platforms allow customization options like changing the colors to match those of your organization or inserting your company logo for candidates to see.

By customizing the interview experience, you’re promoting your brand to candidates throughout the interview rather than promoting the brand of the platform. This ensures that your brand takes center stage during the interview process.

4. Connect on social media

Your company’s social media presence serves as a great resource for candidates to learn more about your organization and determine job fit.

According to the previously mentioned CareerBuilder survey on candidate behavior, 62 percent of candidates check companies out on social media to make sure what they’re “selling them” online is true.

Your social accounts should be an accurate reflection of your company brand and aim to attract top talent, not the opposite. In an effort to help candidates further evaluate your employer brand, invite them to connect with you on social media after the interview.

5. Keep candidates informed

The hustle and bustle of hiring makes it difficult to keep every candidate informed on their application status. In reality, only 15 percent of candidates say companies are responsive throughout the hiring process, according to the CareerBuilder survey.

Unfortunately for companies, not communicating with candidates during the hiring process reflects poorly on the employer brand. Candidates who are kept informed throughout the process and who receive responses to their follow-ups are more likely to have a better experience, which resonates well with the brand.

How do you manage to promote your company brand during a video interview? Please share your tips in the comment section below.

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