HR Famous Podcast: Getting Paid Not to Work

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Apr 27, 2020
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In episode 12 of The HR Famous Podcast, long-time HR leaders (and friends) Jessica Lee, Tim Sackett and Kris Dunn come together to talk quarantine watching habits, unemployment insurance coverage and the Payroll Protection Plan. The team brings up the challenges and nuances individuals might be facing when working through their unemployment insurance and PPP.

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Show Highlights:

3:30 – The team starts the convo by talking movies and Netflix series. Tim calls out KD on not watching Parasite – Turns out KD was thinking about a whole other movie with Kevin James.

6:00 – Talking about Hulu and Netflix specials – KD even wrote about the Netflix American Factory docu-series.

9:20 – Tim brings up the elephant in the room, Unemployment and the broken system of unemployment insurance. What are other countries doing that the US isn’t? He also brings up PPP – the US Payroll Protection Program.

12:15 – Jlee and Tim talk about the differences between states on the unemployment savings account weekly payouts.

15:25 – Is unemployment a forced savings plan? KD talks about loving it on the broad level brochure, compares the plan to social security and it’s struggles + the start of the new recession era.

21:00 – Tim talks worker bias. If you’re going to work, and someone else is unemployed and getting benefits – are we jealous? Paying into a system for something we aren’t receiving can be discouraging.

23:15 – Jlee says Tim is sounding like Andrew Yang with the concept of universal income. Regardless, this era will be challenging future changes in the UBI realm.

28:45 – How people should handle receiving the PPP through the CARE Act – are some of your employees making more on unemployment?

31:00 – KD brings up that using the PPP doesn’t always make the most sense. With restaurants and service base industries how does bringing back workers work when there’s no business?

33:05 – Tim talks about the tax, health insurance and other complications with folks choosing unemployment vs. being rehired

35:15 – The team talks about how fast everything has been moving, even for federal government – but with speed comes some issues and misses.

39:30 – Closing it out by touching back on the more lighthearted Netflix watches.

This article is part of a series called Podcasts.