Jul 1, 2014

Given the importance of conversation, it makes sense that the final Ignite HR presentations from May’s HR Reinvention in Omaha is about the needs and benefits of workplace conversation.

In fact, one might say that a presentation on conversation is the perfect way to wrap up this series and remind you one more time of  the benefits of the unique Ignite HR format — five (5) minutes, 20 slides and exactly 15 seconds per slide, max.

As this presentation points out, although we are technologically connected, we’re often personally isolated too, so there are many benefits of conversation we really need to consider.

A few words about conversation

Today’s Ignite HR presentation is titled The Conversation is the Change, and it’s from veteran HR reinvention presenter Stuart Chittenden, the founder of Squishtalks (a consultancy built around conversation) and Chief Curiosity Officer (and I am not making hat up) at David Day Associates in Omaha.

Longtime TLNT readers might remember that we featured another Ignite HR presentation from Stuart Chittenden back in 2011 on why HR should own your organization’s brand. This one on The Conversation is the Change is equally engaging and compelling, as I think you’ll find if you take five good minutes to watch the presentation.

I’d also welcome any feedback you might have on this Ignite HR series. Have you found value in it, or food for thought? Feel free to let me know in the comments.