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Dec 25, 2015
This article is part of a series called Classic TLNT.

Editor’s Note: It’s an annual tradition for TLNT to count down the most popular posts of the year. This is No. 27 of 2015. Our regular content will return on Jan. 4, 2016. Joyeux Noël

Today’s workforce requires empowerment for inspiration and motivation more than money.” — Shannon Kinney, Founder and CEO of Dream Local

“Everything matters” when it comes to decisions affecting a brand, according to Scott Bedbury, former Nike and Starbucks brand manager and author of A New Brand World.

There are no insignificant decisions or interactions with the marketplace or with customers. Each has the potential of strengthening or weakening a company’s brand.

“Everything matters” is just as true in the realm of leadership and employee engagement as it is in branding. Every decision and interaction with employees matters.

Each has the possibility of affecting employee engagement for better or for worse. Each decision made and each interaction with employees communicates what leadership thinks about employees, and whether they care about and respect employees.

Each message has the potential of boosting — or damaging — employee engagement.

This article is part of a series called Classic TLNT.
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