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May 26, 2021
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On episode 63 of The HR Famous Podcast, longtime HR leaders (and friends) Tim Sackett and Jessica Lee come together to Motherhood on the Resume (MOTR), time off from working, and how being a parent raises your levels of empathy.

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Show Highlights

2:00 – JLee was out last week because she was vacationing in a tiny house! She wasn’t the biggest fan of it.

4:00 – Have you ever seen anyone put being a parent as an experience on a resume? Tim has seen it a few times for people coming back to work after taking an extended break away to raise a family.

5:30 – There is a new movement to “add mother to your resume” in hopes to de-stigmatize the duty of being a mother in a workplace environment.

7:00 – Are you OK with your kids calling you by your first name? Tim’s son calls his wife by a nickname that is similar to her first name and she’s alright with that, but Jessica thinks it would be weird if her kids called her by her name.

10:00 – Tim thinks that there are going to be lovers and haters regardless if you make a decision like putting “parenthood” on your resume. He says go do it if you want!

14:00 – MOTR: Motherhood on the Resume! Check it out here!

15:00 – JLee came across a viral LinkedIn post about getting asked, ‘What you have been doing to occupy your time’ after being laid off?”

16:45 – Tim thinks that it’s a valid question to be asked from a TA perspective because you never know what could be going on in that person’s life, even if it’s in the middle of a recession/pandemic.

21:00 – JLee asks Tim what’s the longest gap where you’re feeling extra weary. He says he only gives executive employees 12 months of a break on their resume before he gets curious.

24:00 – JLee mentions that empathy training for recruiters and TA pros could be really helpful in order to get honest answers from candidates.

28:00 – JLee and Tim both note how parenthood has made them more empathetic in job interviews and recruiting settings.

32:00 – Thanks to JLee and Tim for shouting out my (hi, this is Cam!) first BuzzFeed article. You can check it out here!

This article is part of a series called Podcasts.