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Sep 23, 2015

Jobvite’s annual Recruiter Nation Survey is out this week.

In its eighth year, the survey was conducted in July 2015 and completed by 1,404 recruiting and human resources professionals in a wide range of industries.

Much of the survey data is not all that surprising:

  • Use of social media tools by recruiters is strong and growing;
  • Referrals are still the most effective source of quality hires;
  • Hiring activity is up;
  • The hunt for talent will remain or get more competitive over the next 12 months.

No big surprises here.

Nearly all recruiters use social media

Here’s is a surprise, though: Only 4 percent of recruiters DON’T use social media tools in the recruiting process, but the tools used go way beyond Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter.jobvite-1-sept-20151

While referrals continue to be the most effective source of good hires, the frequency that other sources provide similar results is interesting. It looks like job boards are the Scott Walker of candidate sources – they started out strong (57 percent of recruiters reported using them in Jobvite’s 2009 Social Recruitment Survey) but are fading as time passes.jobvite-2-sept-2015

Increased spending on employer branding

Buried on the last page of the survey analysis is some data that I found interesting having to do with what recruiters are putting in their budgets.

With the rise of the RPO sector, and a seemingly robust executive search/staffing sector, only 13 percent of recruiters are increasing their spending on the use of outside agencies. That seems counterintuitive to me. Employment branding is the other category surprise with fully 46 percent of internal recruiters increasing their spend.

That seems to0 verify that employment branding is a pretty big thing.jobvite-3-sept-2015

A useful report to dig into

There are lots of vendor whitepapers out there. Many do a good job of sharing useful data and analysis that prove to be useful at the practitioner level while burnishing their corporate brand.

This one does both. It also has some pretty terrific graphics and the visual style is engaging. It’s 16 pages long and is a quick read.

Take a look for yourself. You can download the Jobvite 2015 Recruiter Nation Survey here.

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