Short Takes to Better Job Ads and Reviews

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May 14, 2018

The following are selections from the Humetrics blog.

Performance reviews made simple

Performance reviews are a universally dreaded exercise. However, regular feedback is required to build an engaged and committed team.

Here’s a way to skip the forms and awkward conversations and simplify the process. Begin by asking yourself this one simple question: “Would I hire this person again?”

If the answer is “yes,” write down why. Are they dependable, and self-controlled? Are they focused at work? How can they improve? Share your answers with the employee. They’ll appreciate the feedback and be motivated to earn more positive reviews.

If the answer is “no,” ask yourself, why? Did you make a hiring mistake? If it was a poor hiring decision, you’ll first need to have an honest discussion with the employee about their future with you. Then, improve your hiring systems to avoid future mistaken hiring decisions.

If it wasn’t a hiring mistake, ask yourself, did I do everything possible to help this person succeed? Did they have the training, tools, and equipment needed to do their job? Did I provide the culture and leadership needed to motivate and inspire? If you didn’t provide them with what they needed, now you know what you need to do. Share what you’ve learned with the person and what you’re planning to do (like provide additional training). They’ll see that you want them to succeed and be more likely to improve.

Have courage

A courageous boss tells their people:

  1. Where they stand.
  2. What they’re doing right AND what they’re doing wrong and how to fix it.
  3. What they need to do or learn to get to where they want to be.

Do you have the courage to tell it like it is? It’s the only way you can build a team whose performance consistently excels.

Quick guide to better job ads

The competition for employees is frenzied, so how can you make your recruitment ads stand out from the crowd and attract the types of people you want? Here are some suggestions:

  1. Make sure your headline grabs attention. (“Looking for Our Next Superstar,” “Life’s Too Short Not to Work Somewhere Awesome,” “Come Grow with Us”)
  2. Tell them what’s in it for them. What can you tout? (Family-friendly, flexible hours? Great, collaborative coworkers? Growth opportunities? Training and/or education?)
  3. Describe the ideal applicant in the second person rather than listing what you need. (“You are highly responsible and a proven problem solver who thrives on a fast-paced environment” instead of “We need a responsible, problem-solver for our fast-paced customer service center.)
  4. Make sure your ads look good on a mobile phone as well as via a web browser.
  5. If possible, include links not only to your website, but to anything that will give readers an idea of your culture (LinkedIn profiles, community awards, press releases, etc.).