Sorry You Had to Work Today

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May 27, 2016

Did you get to work today wondering where everyone is? Wondering why you’re the only one there, and regretting now that unlimited vacation benefit idea of yours?

We can’t do anything about that, but TLNT can help you get through the day, which, in case you need reminding, is the start of a 3-day weekend.

For you.

Everyone else started their 4-day weekend yesterday.

So, the least we can do is give you something to laugh about. Here goes.

First up is a riff on millennials.

Moving on to a typical exec level meeting of a financially troubled company. The budget needs to be cut.

This next video is especially instructive for global HR leaders. No need to watch it all the way through. Two or three minutes are enough to show you how universal are the opinions of HR.

And what HR professional hasn’t had to deal with employee complaints?

But here’s how to efficiently resolve those complaints.

Now, back to work.