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Nov 24, 2021
This article is part of a series called The Most Interesting HR Stories of the Week.

Welcome to “The Most Interesting HR Stories of the Week,” a weekly post that features talent insights and information from around the web to kick off your weekend. We normally feature 10 articles, but this week is shorter and the focus for many of us will be on food in the coming days, anyway! So below are five stories of interest this week:

5 Articles to Read Now

A phenomenon that Harvard historian and economist Claudia Goldin calls “greedy work” is a big reason why the pay gap between men and women persists. What exactly is “greedy work”? How is it impacting your workplace? And what can you do about it? Listen to this podcast — or read the the transcript — to find out.

2. Boss to Employee: ‘You’re F***ing Useless’

‘A woman whose employer told her she was ‘f***ing hopeless’ and ‘f***ing stupid’ and was subjected to a number of incidents of workplace bullying has been awarded $25,000 in compensation and lost wages,” begins this article. Even if this worker were a poor performer, can we agree there are certainly better ways to do performance management than hurling profanities at someone?

3. Mandating Covid-19 Booster Shoots

Mandating vaccinations is proving to be enough of a headache. Take Disney, for example. It had a mandate. Not it doesn’t. So, it’s clear that confusion persists among employers. And now come the booster shots. How will organizations likely respond to recommendations that more of the population get boosters? Will there be a fresh round of mandates? Read this article for some insights.

Many of us are working a three-day workweek this week. What if every week were like this one, just with one extra day of work? Numerous companies have already turned this once-crazy idea into a sustainable (so far, at least) reality. Can this approach work at your organization?

5. The HR Metric That Matters Most

There are many ways to measure the impact of HR efforts, but which one is most important? A slew of HR pros weighs in to answer that question in today’s featured article.

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Perfect Hiring and Pre-Hire Assessments: A Guide for an Exemplary and Unbiased Process (Wed, Dec 8)

While pre-hire assessments should be job-related (valid) and fair (unbiased), how can you operationalize job analysis and assessments to determine and measure the skills, abilities, and traits necessary for on-the-job success? Join this webinar t learn how to conducting job analysis for target roles, ensure test validity in relation to the EEOC, operationalizing test fairness, and mitigate adverse impact. Register now.

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This article is part of a series called The Most Interesting HR Stories of the Week.
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