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Jan 7, 2022
This article is part of a series called The Most Interesting HR Stories of the Week.

Welcome to “The Most Interesting HR Stories of the Week,” a weekly post that features talent insights and information from around the web to kick off your weekend. Here’s what’s of interest this week:

Top Articles to Read Now

CEOs’ Priorities for 2022 Do Not Include Covid

A survey of 3,000 chief executives’ views of anticipated top disruptive forces this year reveals that Covid ranks very low. It barely ranks, in fact. So which disruptions are CEOs most concerned about?

When Algorithms Fire Humans

“Poor selfies, rainy days, and locked gates ­— all are reported triggers for the auto-firing of delivery personnel by Amazon’s Flex app, and all follow events beyond the workers’ control,” reveals this article. “Meanwhile, no appeal to humans is available on the platform, nor any negotiation with the opaque algorithm calculating whether gig drivers have outlived their usefulness to the company.”

Potential After the Pandemic

“If we want to assess if we should change how we view potential, we need to review how the pandemic may have changed individuals, organizations and how much they overlap,” says this article. Some good insights here.

Workers Walk Out to Protest Pizzeria That ‘Does Not Take Covid Seriously’

Covid vaccines, tests, masks, distancing requirements, and more continue to create conflicts not just in society but at work. It’s up to every organization to keep its workers safe — and make sure that policies are uniformly enforced.

‘I’m Not Burned Out. I’m No Longer Fit to Work in D&I.’

What’s the difference between burnout vs just no longer being fit for a role? Read this story by a diversity consultant who, after many years, finally came to the conclusion that she can no longer work in D&I. And not because she’s burned out.

How Fast Feedback Fuels Performance

New Gallup data shows that when employees strongly agree they received “meaningful feedback” in the past week, they are almost four times more likely than other employees to be engaged. But as the organization points out: “Yet with business moving at warp speed, it’s tempting to move on to the next task or objective after a client presentation or a busy shift. But meaningful feedback doesn’t hinder performance — it fuels it.”

So, You Cried at Work

“If you have ever cried at work, then you know it can feel embarrassing,” explains this article. “You may worry about what your colleagues think of you or become concerned about how your outburst may jeopardize your professional standing.” The story looks at how to deal with the impact of crying at work.

We’re Bad at Measuring Inequality — Here’s Why That Matters

This is a fascinating conversation with Harvard economist Stefanie Stantcheva about our misconceptions and their consequences. Stantcheva says that “when we estimate how much money our colleagues make or how much taxes impact us, we are often very far off from the truth.”

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Recruiting Recruiters – Righteous Propositions & Unwavering Prioritization (Thurs, Jan 27)

Your recruiting strategy begins and ends with the very recruiters you recruit into your organization. Without the right recruiters, no technology or process will save you. This panel discussion will equip you and your team with the insights needed to attract the best recruiting talent the market has to offer, while navigating an unprecedented recruiting landscape fraught with challenges like astronomical recruiter compensation and candidate ghosting. Register here.

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This article is part of a series called The Most Interesting HR Stories of the Week.