The Things You Need To Do To Be Happy And Successful At HR

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Feb 26, 2016
This article is part of a series called Classic TLNT.

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I spend a lot of time talking about what makes HR professionals fail, but I have strong opinions on the key attributes that make human resources leaders successful.

Here are four (4):

1. Great HR leaders are dependable and reliable

Everybody wants innovative and disruptive until you actually give them innovative and disruptive. Then they want steady and trustworthy.

I say — don’t discount mature and competent leaders who talk about boring things like administration and compliance. Dependable and reliable HR professionals know the law, know the by-laws of a company, and usually do the right thing for shareholders and employees alike.

2. Successful HR leaders don’t grab the limelight

I’m currently away at a conference with a few hundred executives who are responsible for the HR function in the restaurant industry. (This industry employs nearly 10 percent of all workers in America.)

This article is part of a series called Classic TLNT.
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