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Aug 3, 2015

Internal mentor programs are beneficial during the entire employee life cycle.

Mentoring facilitates personal and professional growth among the mentor and mentee. The mentor can provide the benefit of experience, while the mentee can bring in fresh ideas to ensure senior executives are up-to-date on the newest business practices and technology.

A mentoring program will attract and motivate participants who want to succeed in their career. Allowing employees to collaborate and share knowledge, skills and expertise will increase the retention and productivity of employees.

If you haven’t considered implementing an internal mentoring program, it’s probably time that you should.

3 reasons why your business needs a mentor program

Here are three (3) benefits of starting a mentorship program for your business:

  1. Engaged employees — Your business will surely benefit from well-educated, trained and engaged employees. Employees who are learning and growing are more likely to be happy, and satisfied employees tend to be more engaged. Mentors and mentees will share techniques and explore new ideas together, increasing their synergy and job satisfaction.
  2. Leveraged alumni — Mentorships provide employees with an amazing opportunity for professional development. Grooming your employees for internal positions is an effective way to reduce turnover and hiring costs and motivate employees. Employees will strive for greatness if they see potential for advancement in their career
  3. Increased retention — If new hires don’t see a clear career path or feel invested in, the best of them will eventually leave. By providing a mentor program, employees will feel secure in their job and supported by the organization. Assigning a mentor to a new hire sends the message that the company cares about the career of the employee and will invest in them to help them succeed.

This was originally published on the Genesis HR Solutions blog.

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