There’s No Doubt About It – These Are the 6 Best Workplaces Holidays

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Dec 2, 2013
This article is part of a series called Classic TLNT.

Editor’s Note: The holiday season is here, and TLNT will celebrate by bringing back some classic holiday posts from the past. Look for them over the next two weeks.

We’re right in the midst of this big holiday season and everyone seems to have a favorite.

I think most kids love Christmas and Halloween. My kids are Jewish and they still love Christmas – well, let’s face it, they love getting gifts and like any good Jewish Mom and Dad, we make sure they get more gifts then their Christian friends!

Many adults love Thanksgiving – all the food, football, Black Friday shopping, etc. But everyone has a favorite!

Tim’s All-Time Favorite holidays

I’m going to give you my list of favorite holidays:

  1. Tim Sackett Day – Yeah, how soon we all forget! January 23, 2013 will be the 2nd Annual Tim Sackett Day, and it is the one day of the year we can all come together as one, and just think about me for a while. In lieu of gifts this year, I’ll be asking people to just make cash donations directly to my bank account, that way when I think about all the poor and needy children in the world and it makes me depressed, I can afford good mental health care for myself.
  2. The 4th of July – Yep, I like blowing crap up, drinking and the sun – it’s like the triple threat of holidays! I won’t give $50 bucks for your lame charity walk, but I’ll drop $500 on fireworks and think I underspent. I mean it’s America! Red, white and blue. Hot dogs with mustard. second degree burns on your feet from stepping on those metal sparkler wires (pro tip – put a pail of water out when the kids are running around with their sparklers then as they run at you with that red hot wire, they can just throw it in the pail and hear the cool hissing sound it makes!).
  3. Labor Day – It’s the official end of summer blowout. The weather is great, you have your grilling skills in peak seasonal shape, and you’re only a few days away from your kids returning to school! And let’s be honest; we love our kids, but we love our kids a little more when they are in school all day and we just have to deal with them for about six hours between end of school and bedtime.
  4. Halloween – There is nothing better than watching your kids sprint for two hours straight lugging around 15-20 pounds of candy, and I don’t have to do any of the work! It can be 13 degrees below zero out and my kids will be sweating on Halloween night. I love the candy trading negotiations that go on later that night – it’s when you get to see which one of your kids will actually make it in the real world!
  5. Hanukkah – It’s eight (8) crazy nights and none of your Christian friends get it! “Isn’t that your ‘Jewish’ Christmas?” No idiot, not even close! “I wish we had Christmas for eight days!” and I wish you’d burn down your house again deep frying a turkey! Hanukkah is cool for the simple fact it’s the one time a year, as a kid, your mom let’s you play with fire! Plus the gelt! Yep, it’s not a Jewish holiday until you involve some money
  6. New Year’s Day – No work, football games all day, and starting anew! For me New Year’s takes on a special time as well because my first son was born on New Year’s Day, so we throw a birthday party into the mix — just to ensure we have enough food and cake to make it through all those football games!

Receiving votes, but didn’t make the list:

  • Cinco De Mayo – Tacos and margaritas – you have to love Mexican holidays!;
  • St. Patrick’s Day – Green beer and pinching butts – an HR nightmare!;
  • Father’s Day – I get to do what I want, or what my wife tells me I want to do that day!;
  • Black Friday – I mean, who doesn’t want to see idiots get trampled to death at Walmart?

So, friends, what is your favorite holiday?

This originally appeared on the blog  The Tim Sackett Project.

This article is part of a series called Classic TLNT.