This Is Your Battle Plan For the War For Talent Next Year

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Dec 12, 2016

The new year is already shaping up to be a year like no other and all of the changes are going to have a real impact on the economy and, in particular, the labor market. So, if you want to win the war for talent in 2017, you will need to be aggressively proactive.
Start thinking right now about your employee recruiting and retention goals and objectives for the new year and plan what you will do to achieve them.

Begin by asking yourself these questions:

  1. Why will the STAR employees we now have want to continue to work for us? What will you do to ensure you retain your STARS? (In today’s labor market, STAR employees pick the companies and managers they want to work for and leave because they can.)
  2. How many new employees do we need to attract this year and how will we do it? (You can no longer use an acquisition process to get STARKleiman STARS chart employees; you have to have an attraction process.)
  3. What will you do to get more employee referrals from your existing employees, vendors, customers, and social networks?
  4. What actions will you take to stay in contact with and re-recruit the STAR employees who have left you and how will you make it easy for them to come back?
  5. What will you do to make sure every employee knows how to manage you? Have you ever told them your preferences? (It will make everyone’s life easier because, other than themselves, you are the most important person they need to know how to manage.)
  6. Do you know how each of your employees prefers to be managed? How many have you asked? (For example, some prefer lots of interaction and support while others would rather have minimal supervision.)
  7. What are you going to do to keep your employees motivated, energized, and involved? (Tip: Skip the performance reviews and exit interviews; it’s all about STAY interviews.)
  8. What will you do to create or reinforce a culture of recognition and accountability?
  9. What are you going to do to raise morale to its highest level ever?
  10. What are you going to do to make work more fun in 2017?

It is all about expectations. We get what we expect and winners never expect to lose. What do you expect in 2017?

Now, where are you going to write all of this down so you can review and revise your plans on a regular basis? What will your workplace look like when you accomplish everything you’ve planned? How good will it feel? Why can’t you do all of this? (Any answer to that last question is not a reason, but rather a self-imposed limitation, excuse, or lack of desire.)

Now, go out and plan to have, no, COMMIT to YOUR BEST YEAR EVER IN 2017!

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