Want the Secrets of Moneyball? Then Hear Billy Beane at TLNT Transform

Nov 3, 2011
This article is part of a series called ERE Media Conferences.

Say what you will about how well it ultimately worked for baseball’s Oakland A’s, but Billy Beane’s groundbreaking talent management system has become the stuff of legends and major motion pictures.

Yes, the secrets behind Moneyball not only led to a best-selling book but a film starring Brad Pitt playing Beane, the vice president and general manager of the A’s.

Do you ever wonder if there are things about the Moneyball approach that would help transform your organization’s talent management system? Well, wonder no more because you can hear Billy Beane give the inside scoop about the Moneyball approach to talent management this February at the TLNT Transform conference in Austin, Texas Feb. 26-28, 2012.

As I said before, TLNT Transform is “a two-day HR conference that will change the way you think about the HR profession — and give you the tools you need to transform your HR organization,” as we described it on the Transform website.

Here’s why you should attend Transform

The Transform conference has been designed to prepare you for the challenges and changes you’ll be facing tomorrow and beyond, not just about what you should be doing in the here and now. And, you’ll hear from great speakers and talent management professionals who are experts — like Billy Beane — in how to use smart talent management practices to transform a business to help deal with challenges we all face moving ahead in this difficult economy.

There are lots more great speakers at Transform that I described here in an earlier blog post, but in my mind, hearing Billy Beane talk about his Moneyball approach (and maybe even what it’s like to have your life portrayed on the big screen by Brad Pitt) is worth the price of admission alone.

And, here’s a great deal to make it worth your while to join us in Austin at Transform: if you sign up now, you will not only get the early bird price of $1195 (a $400 discount), but if you use the discount code TF12TLNT when you register, you’ll save an additional $150 off the already discounted registration fee. Just go to the Transform website and register here.

Not only will you get great forward-looking HR and talent management thinking and content at Transform, but you also get to visit Austin, Texas, which is a pretty cool place. Plus, Austin in February is south and warm just in case you live someplace north and cold and will be ready for a break by the time late February rolls around.

Plug into the talent management transformation

I hope you’ll consider joining us at  TLNT Transform in Austin at the Palmer Special Events Center from February 26-28, 2012. As Ron Thomas, our conference chairman, former Martha Stewart Living HR chief, and popular TLNT contributor put it:

HR today is not your father’s or mother’s human resources. HR today is on the cusp of changing the entire profession. …

The transformation has begun and it is gaining speed. There is nothing old school HR can do about. It kind of like looking through a photo album from college days, looking at your style and shaking your head because you can’t believe that you dressed or looked like that. That is how future HR professionals will look through an organization’s photo album in the future and marvel at how dated HR was back then.”

Ron is spot-on about this. If you want to plug into the huge transformation going on in talent management and HR, then you need to join us Feb. 26-28, 2012 in Austin, Texas for TLNT Transform. Use the discount code TF12TLNT to register and get a great deal, and get yourself plugged into all the great speakers and cutting-edge thinking.

I promise that you’ll find yourself transformed as well.

This article is part of a series called ERE Media Conferences.
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