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Nov 28, 2013
This article is part of a series called Classic TLNT.

Editor’s Note: The holiday season is here, and TLNT will celebrate by bringing back some classic holiday posts from years past. Look for them over the next two weeks.

Ever wonder what employers can be thankful for at Thanksgiving?

Spark Hire, which describes itself as an “online video resume and interviewing platform,” did.  Given that the company is focused on resumes, interviews, and hiring, it took a look at  ”the different types of candidates making employers thankful this Thanksgiving season” and compiled it all into this festive, Thanksgiving-themed informational graphic (see below).

It’s an interesting way to look at the various generational differences in the workforce, and will be as easy to read and digest as a serving of cranberry sauce.

And as Spark Hire added in a press release to go along with the info graphic:

Thanksgiving is about more than stuffing turkeys and full bellies after a good meal. The holiday is really about recognizing our blessings and being thankful for the wonderful things we have in life. For companies looking to find the best talent in order to grow and stay competitive in this tough marketplace, great candidates are truly a reason to be thankful.

From the seasoned Baby Boomer to the social media-savvy Millennials, there are plenty of talented candidates your company should be thankful to bring to the table. With only 17 percent of employers finding candidates with the right skills for their open positions, you should give thanks when great candidates come your way.

This infographic is a Thanksgiving reminder hiring managers and recruiters can keep in mind before cutting the turkey and doling out the stuffing.”


This article is part of a series called Classic TLNT.
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