What Giant Redwoods Can Teach Us About Teamwork

Nov 6, 2013

There are many amazing things in America, the coast redwood trees in Northern California are but one.

I learned something fascinating about these trees, one of which is they are the tallest trees on Earth, growing to 350 feet high (or the equivalent of a 35 story building).

Yet, considering their height, these giants have a very shallow root system, extending “over one hundred feet from the base, intertwining with the roots of other redwoods. This increases their stability during strong winds and floods.”

How is your organization’s “root system?”

Why does this fascinate me?

Think of the implications for each tree, which cannot survive alone. It must intermingle its roots with its neighbors to build a sustaining network for long-term survival, even in the harshest conditions. Yet each tree can still grow to impossible heights on its own.

Now think of the similarities in how true teamwork can strengthen a company as a whole and yet still allow individuals to grow.

A solid team structure provides the root system needed for information sharing, learning, and support while enabling each person to achieve their own personal heights based on their unique talents and abilities.

What does the “root system” look like in your organization? Among your team?

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