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Jan 29, 2014

I discussed before how companies on the Fortune 100 Best Companies to Work For list are experiencing huge amounts of growth in headcount. That post focused on how these outstanding workplaces are combating growing pains and dealing with rapid expansion.

Being ranked one of the best workplace cultures in the U.S. certainly helps feed the cycle of growth, as job seekers apply in droves.

The good news for job seekers? The Best companies are hiring, and they are hiring a lot!

Who are the Best Companies hiring?

Fortune reports that at least 24 companies on this year’s 100 Best Companies to Work For list are planning to fill at least 1,000 (and for some, even more!) jobs in the coming year. From big tech companies like Google (ranked No. 1), Intel, and Cisco, to medical organizations like Houston Methodist, retail stores like Nordstrom, and markets like Whole Foods and Wegmans, the “we’re hiring” sign is posted out front.

What are these companies looking for in a new hire, and who is getting hired?

At Great Place to Work, the research and analysis firm that produces the lists, we’ve pulled together some hiring statistics from this year’s Best Companies to provide a little perspective.

The 100 Best Companies last year filled 6,297 positions, on average, for both new and already existing positions. The average number of these positions filled internally was nearly 30 percent. The average number of new hires referred by current employees was 28 percent.

This corroborates what we already assume, that internal referrals add significant weight to applications, so before all else, reach out to potential contacts!

How do you impress a Great Place to Work company?

There can be big benefits for the person referring you as well, so don’t automatically assume people might view it as a hassle. The average maximum bonus paid for a single referral at best companies in the last 12 months was $3,595!

How to impress in an interview? According to recruiters from best companies that are hiring (via Fortune), top ways to impress include:

  • Being able to articulate your alignment with the company’s mission and values (and explain why they resonate with you);
  • Doing exceptional “homework” and truly understanding the business and key competitors going into an interview;
  • Being able to discuss how you plan to impact the company; and,
  • Demonstrating passion, curiosity, and (a big one!) innovation.

For new college grads, the numbers may seem a bit less optimistic.

A tougher deal for college grads

Out of the average new hires in the last year (6,297) the average number of new graduates hired was 496, and the average percent of positions filled by college students at this year’s best companies is 9.9 percent. However, this shouldn’t discourage new graduates from applying, as they are automatically equipped with several highly valued skills beyond a basic degree.

Examples I’ve touched on before include that college students and Millennials are more likely to be passionate about social responsibility and attuned with an organization’s mission and values, be highly aware of technology and social media, and able to quickly assimilate with a company’s use of such tools.

No matter who you are, however, if you are looking to find a new job consider these stats, and check out this year’s Fortune 100 Best Companies to Work For list. You may be very glad you did.

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