Win Trust and Loyalty By Delivering What Others Don’t

Sep 26, 2016

Hiring Wisdom logoIt is difficult to gain the trust and loyalty of both customers and employees and this is why the best way to build your business is to deliver those things that are perceived as being scarce.

Whatever is scarce is valued. Examples include:

  1. Most over-promise and then fall short on delivery. Make it your mission to under-promise and then exceed expectations.
  2. Most people talk far more than they listen. These folks don’t realize they can’t learn anything new while they’re talking. (You were given two ears and only one mouth for good reason.)
  3. Think and make it easy for people to do business with you so they save precious time. Then make it easy for people to get into your hiring system (no lengthy applications or complicated paperwork) so all those highly-qualified, working people you would love to have on your team can apply or show interest without spending a lot of their precious time.
  4. Invest the bulk of your management time and money in your winners, not your losers. This applies to your best customers and your best employees. Just because they’re making the most noise, do not give all “the oil” to the squeaky wheels.
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