Oct 1, 2013

Sex at work is great! The more the better! Or at least, more equal sex we should say.

Hey, this is no small topic. Irresponsible practices can harm or even end successful careers.

We’re not talking about the carnal act here (get your mind out of the gutter!). We’re talking about genders, numbers and hiring people based on no other criteria than organs. On this subject, we believe the workplace needs more sex.

It’s still around

Don’t think that gender bias is a thing of the past. Don’t think that because you don’t care about the gender of your next employee, it’s not out there.

You don’t have to work for Mad Men‘s Don Draper to feel the effects.

You also don’t need to to work for Facebook’s Sheryl Sandberg to do your part in making it better.

3 ways to create a “sexier” work environment

How do you do create sexier workplace environments?

  • Get rid of direct gender bias — You have two equally qualified candidates but only one available position. You choose the man for no reason other than his being a man. That’s directly hiring with gender bias. If you switch the genders and perform the same act, it’s still direct gender bias.
  • Get rid of indirect gender bias — These are the sneaky practices that you may not even realize impact your recruiting results. Indirect gender bias could pop up in a job description that includes minimum height or strength requirements, but the job doesn’t really require them. It’s a gray area, to be sure. Stay aware of such possibilities as you try to fairly evaluate talent.
  • Smash that glass ceiling — Awareness is the first step towards fixing a problem. Months after the “Lean In” effect, you can already see headlines and discussions reduce from a boil to a simmer.

Keep your attention focused though, having more sex at work should always be in the back of your mind.

This article originally appeared on The Resumator Blog.

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