Jo Owen has worked with over 100 organizations around the world in most major industries. He is the founder of eight charities which have a collective turnover of £100 million and was awarded the OBE by the Queen for starting Teach First which is now the largest graduate recruiter in the UK.  He built a business in Japan without speaking Japanese; he created HBOS business banking; was a partner at Accenture and started his career at P&G. Jo also has spent eight years working with tribes across the world to discover how they survive and succeed, and what businesses can learn from them.

Jo’s books have been published in 23 languages in over 100 editions globally and include How to Lead, Global Teams, Mindset of Success and Tribal Business School. He is the only person to have won the coveted Chartered Management Institute Gold Medal four times for his books on leadership.

A Crisis Can Be Good For You

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