Hiring Wisdom: Here’s a Surefire Formula For Business Success

While you probably do extensive recordkeeping to track how well your  team meets customer service standards and goals, I doubt you track how well you are doing when it comes to taking care of your internal customers — your employees.

What are you doing to ensure they keep coming back, day after day?

OK, so you may track employee turnover, but that’s like “closing the barn door after the horse are out.” What effect would it have on customer service if you checked with every employee on a regular basis to find out:

  • If there’s anything you could do to help them be more effective and efficient?
  • If they have any ideas or suggestions?
  • If there are any relationship issues stifling cooperation and productivity that you could mediate?

The formula for success looks like this:

Attentive Managers + Happy Employees = Happy Customers.

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This was originally published on Mel Kleiman’s Humetrics blog.