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Case Closed: How AI is Streamlining Workplace Investigations

Learn how GenAI-powered solutions are being introduced to improve workplace investigations processes.

Jul 18, 2024
6:00 PM UTC
1 Hour
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Presented by:
Sharlyn Lauby
Jakub Ficner
Sharlyn Lauby 
and Jakub Ficner

In just a few short years, AI went from science fiction to a handy tool with uses in every industry. It can reduce time spent on tedious tasks, freeing up employees to do more complex work. Organizations will only find more ways to utilize it as time goes on, making it easily one of 2024’s hottest workplace trends.

For HR pros, workplace investigations can be one of the most time-consuming and labor-intensive, often involving inconsistent and manual processes. To assist with these challenges, an innovative AI assistant can help the workplace investigator summarize case evidence, saving investigators hours and sometimes days. In addition, an assistant can ensure consistency and compliance while providing QA opportunities for investigators to deliver high-quality case dispositions that reduce overall organizational risk.

In this webinar, “The HR Bartender” Sharlyn Lauby and Jakub Ficner, Director of Partnerships at Case IQ, will demonstrate how GenAI-powered solutions are being introduced to improve workplace investigations processes. Generating pre-configured, high-quality case summaries according to your organization’s best practices and policy mandates and more! Viewers of this webinar will leave with a greater understanding of how generative AI can be applied to workplace investigations, resulting in more streamlined investigations, reduced risk, and improved decision-making.

Discussion will cover:

  • How and why HR leaders are using AI across functions
  • A key HR role: managing risk
  • Workplace investigations and their impact on risk
  • Gaps created by outdated HR investigations processes
  • Where AI is most helpful to investigators
  • Managing security & privacy concerns
  • Ethical considerations
  • How to roll out AI with your investigations team
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About the speakers
Sharlyn Lauby

Sharlyn Lauby

Author and Publisher

HR Bartender

Sharlyn Lauby is a Human Resources Management writer, author, speaker and consultant. She is perhaps best known as creator and editor of HR Bartender and president of ITM Group Inc., a Florida-based training and human resources consulting firm focused on working with companies to retain and engage talent. During her 20+ years in the profession, Sharlyn has earned a reputation for bringing business solutions to reality. Her areas of expertise include: organizational development, training, employee relations, and job design. She has a broad knowledge of workplace social media, strategic planning, and recruitment. And Sharlyn is skilled in new program design, project management, and human resources compliance.

Jakub Ficner

Jakub Ficner

Director of Partnerships

Case IQ

Jakub Ficner is Director of Partnerships at Case IQ. With over 15 years of experience in the workplace investigations and case management industry, Jakub has deep understanding of the needs of investigations teams, CHROs, CCOs and fraud investigators. Jakub is a passionate and determined team player with experience in prospecting and implementing complex global solutions in a variety of industries. His specialties include usiness strategy and development, international management, ethics and compliance, investigation management, and global implementation strategy.