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Situational-Behavior Interviewing: The Key to Hiring Success and Talent Retention

Learn how decoding candidate actions leads to informed hiring decisions.

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Presented by:
Morit Rozen
Morit Rozen

For the past 18 years Morit Rozen has taught a proven interviewing technique to over 15,000 managers and HR teams.

Join us for a free webinar as she reveals how deciphering a candidate’s past experiences can predict their future success within your organization. Come prepared to learn how decoding candidate actions leads to informed hiring decisions.

Key discussion points will include:

• Common interviewing mistakes
• Differences between “Behavioral” and “Situational Behavior” interviews
• Best ways for interviewers and interviewees to prepare for interviews
• How Situational-Behavior Interviewing leads to better team alignment, performance, and retention

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About the speakers
Morit Rozen

Morit Rozen

Founder and Owner


Morit Rozen has over two decades of experience in recruiting, interviewing, training, coaching, and mentoring. She is an expert in structured situational-behavior interviewing, which she developed to help companies better assess how candidates will fit into future roles and organizations.

This webinar is over.
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