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The New Race for Top Freelancers: Navigating Talent Strategies and 1099 Compliance

Join us as we discuss how to smoothly and effectively integrate freelancers into your workforce strategy.

May 30, 2024
6:00 PM UTC
1 Hour
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Presented by:
Robin Milstead
David Weiss
Robin Milstead 
and David Weiss

The number of companies using freelancers has dramatically risen due to market volatility, layoffs, and more informed talent. A new frontier has opened with the sudden availability of Tier 1 level talent on the hiring market. These highly skilled professionals are agile and ready to freelance. 

Freelancers play a pivotal role in team dynamics for the most innovative teams, offering flexibility, specialized skills, and cost savings. However, integrating freelancers into your workforce strategy presents a unique puzzle, requiring careful navigation of talent strategies and compliance for your flexible workforce.

Join our webinar to learn when to hire freelancers and when to hire full-time employees, key considerations for using flexible talent and ensure your independent talent is compliant. Discover strategies for finding top freelancers, scaling your workforce, and staying up on the latest regulatory changes.  

Key discussion points of this webinar: 

  • Strategies for sourcing Tier 1 freelance talent and integrating them seamlessly into your team for faster productivity.
  • Methods for optimizing workforce scalability and achieving a balance between efficiency and compliance.
  • Mitigating compliance risks while maximizing the benefits of a flexible workforce.
  • Real-world examples and expert tips to unlock the full potential of freelancers in the 1099 era.
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About the speakers
Robin Milstead

Robin Milstead

Director, Human Resources, Americas


Robin is a graduate of Texas Tech University and has spent over 15 years partnering with organizations to lead teams in their talent acquisition, talent management, and human resources programs. Before joining the ABGi team, she specialized in corporate tax, tax credits and incentives, and data science. Her career spans high growth start-ups to enterprise orgs such as PricewaterhouseCoopers, The Walt Disney Company, and Audible, an Amazon Company.

Robin is the Director of Human Resources in North America and supports ABGi USA and ABGi Canada while supporting global initiatives within the Global HR Leadership team of Visiativ, ABGi’s parent company.

David Weiss

David Weiss

SVP of Revenue


David brings over 25 years of industry expertise in the areas of VMS and MSP. He is a seasoned professional in the realm of global sales and served as the EVP of Global Sales at VNDLY before the company's acquisition by Workday. Following the acquisition, he assumed a leadership role, guiding a team of VMS product specialists in driving rapid sales expansion across North America. Prior to his role at Vndly, David showcased his expertise at SAP Fieldglass, where he led client account executives in expanding the footprint of SAP Fieldglass customers. Over the course of a dozen years at Fieldglass, he excelled as a top sales producer, product specialist, and MSP channel manager.