Best of TLNT: Top 5 Diversity & Inclusion Stories of 2021

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Dec 28, 2021

I feel like a broken record because I’ve been repeating for some time that if your company needs new research to show leaders that D&I is beneficial for business, then there is something wrong with your leaders.

I’d also say that there’s something wrong with leaders who need to reference a bottom line to justify advancing diversity and inclusion initiatives.

Let me be clear: It’s absolutely fine — and vital — to debate which D&I efforts to prioritize and fund. But that is very different than debating the importance of D&I.

So here’s what’s going to happen on TLNT going forward: There will be no more articles touting the importance of diversity in the workforce. Those who aren’t convinced by now never will be. Instead, we’ll strive to publish pieces that help D&I champions develop and optimize processes and practices to advance diversity.

Meanwhile, here’s a look back at top TLNT D&I stories from 2021:

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Should White People Do DEI Work?

Was the Progress Women Made Even Real?

When the D&I Solution Is the Problem

The Mandemic: Fewer Male College Graduates and the Labor Shortage

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