HR Famous: Are Mental Health Apps Better for Employees Than Human Interaction?

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Oct 26, 2020
This article is part of a series called Podcasts.

In episode 37 of The HR Famous Podcast, longtime HR leaders (and friends)  Tim Sackett, Kris Dunn, and Jessica Lee come together once again to discuss whether mental health/wellness technology and apps are better for your employees than talking to a human, McDonald’s recent Travis Scott marketing success, and what TikToks are flooding their feeds.

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Show Highlights:

2:15 – Tim isn’t a huge McDonald’s fan but JLee is a proud alum of the company. McDonald’s has had a huge success recently due to the success of their newly launched Travis Scott and J Balvin meals. [Editor’s note: J Balvin (not Blavin like Tim said) was on “I Like It” with Cardi B, among many other hits.]

4:30 – The KD crew makes their own McDonald’s packages. What would be in your McDonald’s go-to meal?

9:30 – Tim asks the crew what celebrity they think would have the biggest success as a McDonald’s meal. JLee thinks that a Kardashian would sell the best.

10:00 – Next topic: Oracle released new data that showed over 80% of people believe that AI bots can support their mental health more than real humans.

11:15 – JLee says that she agrees with the majority of people in this study. She says her new found hobby of meditating (using a virtual service) that she started during quarantine has helped her mental health significantly.

13:00 – KD is a believer always but he personally relies on exercise and running to help aid his mental health.

14:30 – The Oracle study also found that AI has helped people at work by taking away busy work and other meaningless tasks.

16:00 – JLee finds herself getting angrier with the bad AI than she feels happy with positive AI experiences.

17:45 – Shoutout to the movie “Her” starring Joaquin Phoenix and Scarlett Johannson where he falls in love with an AI bot. It’s available on Netflix!

20:30 – KD thinks the most basic addiction is going to be in the form of notifications

22:00 – Last topic of the day: weird TikTok culture! Tim and JLee are users of the platform (KD only views them when Tim texts him links). Tim gets a lot of divorced mom TikToks and lip syncing to comedian TikToks. JLee gets plant-related TikToks and roller skating TikToks.  What kind of TikToks do you get on your for you page?

This article is part of a series called Podcasts.