Report: The Future of Recruiting Is AI and Automation

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Apr 8, 2020

New technologies in talent acquisition are introduced all the time. Keeping up with the ones that are effective can seem like a full-time job. Through the years, technologies like applicant tracking systems, automated background checks, candidate relationship management, and programmatic recruitment advertising have all come into the mainstream.

TLNT Research recently launched a report on the adoption of a newer talent acquisition technology: AI-enabled chatbots. Underwritten by Mya Systems, The Future of Recruiting Is AI and Automation takes a deep dive into these emerging sets of technologies. The results of our research show both early and mainstream adoption of AI-enabled chatbots in organizations:

  • 11% of all organizations report having a recruiting chatbot, with conversational chatbots being the most common type
  • 59% of organizations with more than 10,000 employees have a chatbot on their career site, making it more mainstream for large, enterprise organizations
  • 52% of organizations deploy their chatbot at the applicant stage but one in five employers use them to further recruitment marketing
  • Cited by 50% of organizations, the most common benefit of a chatbot is an improved candidate experience
  • Candidate satisfaction was high among organizations that measured it — with no negative candidate response
  • The leading reason for not having a chatbot was fear of a negative response (34%) followed by a lack of awareness (31%)

While the use of conversational chatbots in consumer settings is common, with nearly all people having some sort of digital assistant on their smartphone and their use in customer service ubiquitous, we found that chatbots were still emergent for companies with fewer than 10,000 employees. As organizations look to optimize talent acquisition in the near future due to COVID-19, chatbots offer a way to enhance the candidate experience, keep people informed of the rapid changes taking place in hiring organizations, and help make recruiting more efficient and effective.

The free 24-page report is available for download today and takes a deep dive into this topic, including:

  • The ubiquity of chat in consumer and business applications
  • Three chatbot types, along with use cases for each type
  • The impact of conversational chatbots on recruiting
  • Case studies from companies that have implemented AI-enabled chatbots
  • Going beyond chat to offer virtual assistant functionality
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