Antonis Christidis

Antonis Christidis

Antonis is a partner in Mercer’s Career business. He currently co-leads the Mercer and Oliver Wyman partnership in helping organizations transform their workforces for the future.

He joined Mercer in 2009 as a Principal consultant. He is actively engaged in helping organizations understand and incorporate future workforce and workplace trends that will shape the relationships between employers and employees. He has extensive experience working with Consumer Goods, Automotive, Technology, Energy and Engineering organizations all over the world.

Antonis is a regular conference speaker. He is passionate both about the past and the future. In his current role he is thinking about how technology and new ways of working disrupt established norms, both in the marketplace and within organizations.

Antonis holds a B.Com in Economics and Business Administration from the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University in Port Elizabeth, South Africa and a M.Sc in Financial and Business Economics from the University of Essex in the UK. He has lived and worked in Greece, South Africa, the UK, Brazil and South East Asia and held regional roles working across Europe. He is now based in New York.

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