Cassie Batz-Barbarich

Cassie Batz-Barbarich

Cassie Batz-Barbarich, M.A., is a human capital management researcher at SAP SuccessFactors.

As an industrial-organizational psychologist, Cassie takes both an individual and organizational perspective to examine the impact of a variety of workplace experiences and interactions. Her work focuses on employee’s well-being both at work and in life and understanding how organizational factors and workplace experiences impact an employee’s well-being and sense of meaning with the intention of intervening to ultimately improving both. Additionally, Cassie’s research has included an examination of gendered experiences at work, including workplace inequalities and gender differences in terms of traits, behaviors, and outcomes within the workplace. Cassie continues to actively publish and work in these areas, and will bring her expertise to the HCM team to produce research-based and impactful work.

Published Papers

Batz-Barbarich, C., Tay, L., Kuykendall, L., Cheung, H. (in press). A meta-analysis of gender differences in subjective well-being: Estimating effect sizes and associations with gender inequality. Psychological Science.

Tay, L., Batz, C., Parrigon, S., & Kuykendall, L. (2017). Debt and subjective well-being: The other side of the income-happiness coin. Journal of Happiness Studies, 18(3), 903-937.

Batz, C., Parrigon, S., & Tay, L. (2016). The impact of scale transformations on national subjective well-being scores. Social Indicators Research, 129(1), 13-27.

Papers Under Review

Allen, B., Batz-Barbarich, C., Sterling, H., & Tay, L. (Revise and Resubmit). Outcomes of meaningful work: A meta-analysis. Journal of Management Science.

Book Chapters

Batz, C. & Tay, L. (2018). Gender differences in well-being. In E. Diener, S. Oishi, & L. Tay (Eds.), Handbook of Well-Being.

Tay, L., Zyphur, M., & Batz, C. (2018). Income and subjective well-being: Review, synthesis, and future research. In E. Diener, S. Oishi, & L. Tay (Eds.), Handbook of Well-Being.

Awards & Honors

Center for Research on Diversity & Inclusion Graduate Research Award, April 2017

National Science Foundation Research Proposal Honorable Mention, April 2016

National Science Foundation Research Proposal Honorable Mention, April 2015

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