Dr. Susan Hanold

Dr. Susan Hanold

Dr. Susan Hanold was nominated as one of the Top Women in HR Technology in 2017.

She is a talent strategy expert and a key thought leader with more than 20 years of results-based leadership experience as an executive coach and organization development expert. As a VP in ADP’s Strategic Advisory Services group, Susan works with clients to build a talent strategy to help improve employee engagement, retention and drive organizational change.

Susan has been with ADP for 6 years and brings prior experience as a VP Organizational Development with Bear Stearns, created the coaching model for YUM Brands and served as a change management consultant at Accenture. She currently serves on the Human Capital Executive Research Board and is in high demand as a speaker at industry conferences and events.

Susan has created and delivered global HCM And talent workshop for many of the Fortune 500 covering key areas such as leading processes, market trends, strategy analysis and roadmap recommendations. Susan earned a Bachelor of Science degree from Texas Tech University. She also holds a Master of Science and Doctor of Philosophy in Leadership Development with a minor in Industrial Engineering from Texas A&M University.

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