Pennell (Penny) Locey

Pennell (Penny) Locey

Penny, VP and leader of Keystone Associates’ individual delivery practice, is a member of the Consulting Practice Leadership Team.

Penny has extensive experience in career management, human resources, and leadership development, including Polaroid Corporation, consulting to organizations on implementing organization-wide training, succession planning and talent management programs, and running a successful independent career consulting practice.

She has headed restructuring, redeployment, and retraining programs, including partnering with universities and state agencies on the design and delivery of a model biotechnology retraining program.

As a founding member of the Independent Career Counseling Consortium and co-founder of New England Institute for Career Development, Penny is a frequent speaker and guest lecturer, and a regular contributor to the media on career issues.

Penny holds an MEd from Boston University in Counseling Psychology and a BA from Wellesley College. She is a CPI Master Career Transition Consultant.



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